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T. W. Chui

Penelope, 比喻表現主義 Figurative Expressionism Oil on Canvas, 96x48 in.            

Brief Biography

Those childhood memories of the pagoda and the People’s Park in Guangzhou, and neon-light filled disco years in Hong Kong were long covered in dust. Instead, I should fill my heart with gratitude for friends of all colors and means in the good old USA, with whom I assimilated and acculturated into this kaleidoscopic country, discovering my true self beyond social boundaries, raised a family and evolved into the person I longed to be since my youth.

Surely, too many years have gone by, though perhaps not wasted. For I’ve worked my way through a succession of painting styles, from realism to surrealism to geometric abstraction, before developing the unique figurative expressionism with archetypal subject matter that reflected my own spiritual evolution. Grace Kelly Gary Cooper High Noon Poster, 交叉線畫 Crosshatch Painting

POWER BREAKFAST, 筆墨點畫	Stipple Pen and Ink Drawing, 12x6 in.

After a series of exhibitions, I eventually managed an art gallery for a collective of artists. And to pay my bills, I did airbrush and line art for the advertising industry. At the beginning of the digital revolution, I mastered many digital design tools, then eventually received several awards, including an international grand prize for 3-D graphics at the annual Seybold Convention.

      Friends Visiting Studio, 1979      
These events leaded me to the three minutes of fame in news articles and magazines worldwide. Then I was recruited to create market-leading video games for major multimedia corporations. Riding on changes measured in megabytes, a few years later I took part in the development of a social media website as a creative director. Then I moved on to building one of the first Buddhist art business online. At last, the wind is calm in the western front. Yet it’s too early for me to take pride in my art thus far. Without any doubt, the changing tide will soon sweep the past under and render today irrelevant. So please stay tuned, let’s see if I could pull another rabbit out of my top hat somehow in the 21st century.
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Six Printers Ad, 噴槍線畫 Airbrush Line Art Painting, 20x16 in.
Dakota, 筆墨線畫 Pen and Ink Line Drawing, 10x14 in
Hot Wheel Splash Screen, 3D Studio Max
Classic Hawaii Brochure, 噴槍線畫 Airbrush Line Art Painting

Boot Likker Poster, 噴槍 Airbrush on Board, 36x24 in.

Major Commissioned Works

Poster art for Chevrolet/Geo environmental excellence campaign

Poster art and promotional campaign for SyQuest Technology

Poster art series for Nintendo video game packages

Art and design for Italian Trade Council / Burson Marstelli

Art and design for Sanwa Bank credit card

Art and design image series for Cadem Computer/ A Lockheed Co

Art and design of sixty-eight images for Goelitz Confections

Art and design for CertainTeed Corporation promotional campaign

Art and design for Classic Hawaii promotional campaign

Art and concept of ninety images for Broderbund Software Inc

Cover art series for Contemporary Pediatric magazine

Studio 2008

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Maceasy Magazine

Interactivity Magazine

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National Association of Desktop Publishers

Digital Imaging Magazine

Charles Shere, Oakland Tribune

Patrick Duffy, Berkeley Voice

Thomas Albright, SF Chronicle

Albert Morch, SF Chronicle