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I was born in China, although I hardly remember the difficult Mao years--however, they might have made me realize the value of freedom. Later I moved to Hong Kong and started doodling on textbooks, hanging out on the Colony's delightful tropical beaches, and listening to rock and roll for spiritual initiations.

Upon moving to the USA, I worked my way through a succession of painting styles, from realism to surrealism to geometric abstraction, before developing a unique figurative expressionism with archetypal subject matter that reflected my own spiritual evolution. After a series of exhibitions, I eventually managed an art gallery for a collective of artists. Meanwhile, to pay my bill I did airbrush and engraving style pen-and-ink for the advertising industry. In the beginning of the digital revolution, I mastered many digital design tools, and then eventually received an international grand prize for 3-D graphics at the annual Seybold Convention. I gained unprecedented publicity through news articles and magazines worldwide, and was recruited to create market-leading video games for major multimedia corporations. After a four-year stint, amid the Internet bubble, I became a creative director of a teen oriented web site. Then I moved on to building a Buddhist art business online. Now I just chasing the light between the four corners. I paint for no one and without a purpose...

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Maceasy Magazine

Interactivity Magazine

Link Electronic Magazine

3D Design

National Association of Desktop Publishers

Digital Imaging Magazine

Charles Shere, Oakland Tribune

Patrick Duffy, Berkeley Voice

Thomas Albright, SF Chronicle

Albert Morch, SF Chronicle


- Major Commissioned Works -

Poster art for Chevrolet/Geo environmental excellence campaign

Poster art and promotional campaign for SyQuest Technology

Poster art series for Nintendo video game packages

Art and design for Italian Trade Council / Burson Marstelli

Art and design for Sanwa Bank credit card

Art and design image series for Cadem Computer/ A Lockheed Co

Art and design of sixty-eight images for Goelitz Confections

Art and design for CertainTeed Corporation promotional campaign

Art and design for Classic Hawaii promotional campaign

Art and concept of ninety images for Broderbund Software Inc

Cover art series for Contemporary Pediatric magazine

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MacEasy Magazine Review
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